Let's face it...

Everyone and their canary has a crepey neck cream to sell you.

I quickly found that out as soon as I started shopping around for a crepey neck skin cream.

It was a dreadful day about 2 years ago when I suddenly noticed crepey, saggy skin under my chin.

You can read here my embarrassing story 🤦‍♀️  about how I discovered my neck really needed treatment ASAP and why.

Anyway, if you’re reading this, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Maybe we can compare selfies and go scarf shopping together, or even count how many grooves and ridges we have in each slab of loose neck skin. Another option could be to just never get out of bed, pull the covers up to our chins, and hope that we could do an I-dream-of-genie and wish away our crepey necks.

But that’s really not the solution, is it?

We are not defeatists. We are go-getters, strong and confident women who don’t settle for anything less than looking and feeling our best. Right? 🤩

So instead of curling up under the covers for eternity, I went on a quest to discover how to firm my neck skin. After deciding that plastic surgery and scary micro-needling treatments weren’t for me, I reduced my options down to skincare – a simple but effective neck care cream.

One day while getting a facial, I asked my dermatologist if she could recommend any creams. She was a lovely woman in her 50s with beautiful, smooth skin – on her face. However, it seemed that her skincare routine stopped at her chin because her crepey neck looked much more advanced than mine. She handed me a cream in a luxurious, gold-color box. But then my eyes nearly popped out when I saw the price sticker on the back. And I doubted if it this cream worked because, if it did, then wouldn’t she have had a firm, tight neck herself?

Disappointed, later that night I searched on Amazon. The prices seemed much more affordable and the packaging certainly wasn’t premium like the product at my dermatologist. But what confused me was that every single product seemed to promise the same thing: tightens saggy neck, reduces double shin, erases crepe, lifts, firms, tones, and so on. I couldn’t tell which one would actually work, if any.

So then I went to Google and typed in ‘neck firming cream.’ There were over 8 million results! And to add to my overwhelm, I found a huge array of different brands ranging from $15 to over $130, all claiming efficacy, some with fancy ingredients, others with lovely packaging, and again I had no way of knowing how to judge which one would help me get a firmer neck.

Whether it's cheap on Amazon or expensive at your dermatologist, scientifically proven or backed-up by real women’s testimonials, contains a long list of unpronounceable ingredients or is vegan and organic – whatever - they all promise everything. But do you really know what you’re getting?

No one tells you how their magic neck cream is supposed to work, or how to know for sure if you’ll get the results you desire. 🤷  I was seriously confused and lost... and my neck was not getting any younger!

But that was 2 years ago, and I have learned a lot since then…

What Causes Crepey Skin on our Neck?

You know the saying, you can tell a women’s true age by her neck? This isn’t by chance. A number of external factors (environment) and internal factors (our bodies) contribute to the fact that, in most cases, the skin on our neck and chest ages more quickly than the skin on our face. Not only does the skin below the chin suffer from decades of horrible neglect (for example, do you actually use a specific neck cream or apply sun cream to your neck?), your neck skin is actually drier, thinner and weaker than the skin on your face. Therefore, your neck cream has to do a superhero job to hydrate, lock in moisture, tighten, and smoothen out crepey skin. That's right! Creepy crepey: while the face’s main sign of aging is wrinkles, the neck suffers from what’s called crepey skin. And crepey skin is not the same as wrinkles.

Wrinkles are caused by the skin creasing in the same place over time - for instance from smiling, frowning, smoking, or squinting. When we’re young and we repeat these actions, our skin is still elastic, so it’s able to bounce back without leaving a mark. But as we lose elasticity, our skin is less and less able to bounce back, leaving small creases in the way of wrinkles.

When you see “wrinkles” on your neck, these are different. We’re certainly not squinting our neck and chest. The appearance of wrinkles on your neck is actually crepey skin.

While wrinkles are something that happens on the skin, a crepey texture is something that happens to the skin. The skin itself becomes thinner and more fragile. The lack of elasticity causes the skin to hang loosely from your neck, producing fine lines and grooves that look like crepe paper, hence the name, crepey neck.

Is a Crepey Neck Skin Cream Enough?

To be honest, it’s not just crepey skin that your poor, little ol’ neck is dealing with as we age.

Because your neck skin needs more TLC than your face and you may not have been giving it enough, your neck and décolleté are probably showing the signs of crepey neck, turkey neck, (not so) fine lines and wrinkles, horizontal lines, vertical lines, double chin, tech neck and sunspots.

But let me assure you, all these neck aging signs are reversible. It just comes down to choosing a product that will deliver on its promises.

Here are the 6 tips to look out for.

How to Choose a Neck Firming Cream That Works?

1. Choose an anti-aging cream specifically designed for the neck area:

Don’t expect a face cream to do a neck cream’s job.

Above, we learned that the skin on our neck is not the same as the skin on our face. Furthermore, the neck suffers from signs of aging that are different to the face (wrinkles versus crepey skin). This leads us to the conclusion that the neck and chest skin should (1) be considered in your overall skincare routine and (2) must be treated differently to the skin of your face.

So if your neck and chest skin needs special treatment to reduce the 6 signs of neck aging and help it stay younger-looking, what can you do about it?

The best way to give your neck back its youthful appearance is to use a cream that is specifically formulated for the neck.

2. Choose a cream with both moisturizing AND anti-aging ingredients:

Many face or body moisturizers do only that – moisturize – and fail to deliver the anti-aging benefits of tightening neck skin, reduce sagging and erase lines and wrinkles.

Hydrating ingredients will replace lost oils, making your neck skin more supple and smooth. Anti-aging ingredients target crepey skin, encouraging the production of collagen to boost elasticity for a visibly more toned and tightened neck.

When reviewing product alternatives, remember that a good neck lotion treatment infuses your skin with hydration and increases its elasticity by stimulating collagen and elastic production.

3. Look for products with high-quality ingredients:

There are many efficacious ingredients on the market to hydrate, lift, and firm. However, a great neck cream can’t go without these must-haves:

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid is intensely hydrating, making the skin around the neck and chest more plump and firm.

Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs): They help shed dead skin cells and reveal the newer, younger layers underneath, penetrating deeper into the skin to stimulate collagen production. They can also increase the thickness of deeper layers of skin, promoting firmness. This makes the neck skin feel firmer, smoothing out fine lines in the crepey skin. (For more information see: https://www.healthline.com/health/beauty-skin-care/alpha-hydroxy-acid#exfoliate)

Vitamin C and Peptides: These promote healthy collagen production, boosting elasticity in the skin by repairing damage done by free radicals and the sun.

Oils and butters: Since our skin naturally produces less oil as we age and our neck has fewer sebaceous glands than our face, products with oils and butters are effective to give your neck skin an instant hydration boost and increase elasticity.

4. Choose natural and organic ingredients:

Your skin is your largest organ and everything you put on your skin makes its way into your body. Synthetic ingredients may dry out your skin, and added dyes and fragrances may cause an allergic reaction. Choose a neck firming cream without poisons, toxins and chemicals. 

5. Evaluate the price as an indicator of quality and trust:

High-quality, natural and organic ingredients are not dirt cheap. But they won’t cost you an arm or a leg either.

If a neck cream costs less than $40, you can be sure the manufacturer isn’t using high-quality ingredients in their formula and the product will not give you the results it promises.

On the other hand, if the neck cream costs over $80, this is an indication that you’re paying much more than the fair price, even if the product delivers good results and contains high-quality ingredients. In these cases, it’s possible that you are being charged extra to fund expensive packaging, marketing campaigns or a higher margin – with no additional benefit for you or your neck.

Choose a neck cream with a mid-range price between $40 and $80.

6. Consider the packaging:

High-quality creams without excessive preservatives are sensitive to light and air exposure, decreasing their effectiveness. Therefore, transparent jars are not a good option to help maintain the product’s quality over time. Look for neck creams in an airless pump bottle instead.


So next time you’re searching for a neck cream at the store or on Amazon or Google, take the time to consider these 6 simple tips. At the end of the day, it's all about choosing the best crepey neck cream for you - whether you go for the one I personally developed with care and love 😊  or for any brand of your choice - which will deliver the results you deserve.

P.S.- Thanks for reading and don't hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram @exhilarance.skincare!