Are you absolutely sick of looking in the mirror and seeing dry, thin, loose skin where firm, soft skin once was. Are you tired of wearing the same long pants - even in the summer - because you don’t want your friends to see your knees and legs? Do you wish you could wave a magic wand and turn the clock back 15 years?

As we age, our skin produces less collagen, causing it to become less elastic over time. Also, our skin dries out from a lack of oil production and other factors. Together, the lack of moisture and sagginess lead to a crepey appearance.

Crepey skin can show up anywhere on our bodies, but the neck, decolletage, arms, knees, hands, and stomach are the most susceptible areas.

Crepey skin is deeply frustrating and can lead to a lack of confidence and a total lifestyle shift. Crepey skin can cause us to hold back, stop taking chances, and basically stop living our lives to the fullest. It can be draining - making us feel old when we still have so much to do in this world.

But crepey skin is NOT permanent if you take the right steps to reverse it. With the right skincare system, you can begin to see firmer, tighter skin with more hydration and elasticity. You can say “screw that!” to feeling old.

You’re nowhere near ready to hang up the towel!

Here are 10 easy and effective ways to reverse the appearance of crepey skin on your body.

1. Wear Sunscreen: Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays damages the support structures of the skin, including collagen and elastic fibers. This causes the skin to become loose and less firm. And yes, we know that wearing sunscreen religiously may have been more beneficial if we’d all started 30 years ago, but it’s still vitally important. Wearing sunscreen won’t reverse past sun damage, but it will help prevent further damage and the appearance of sunspots. We recommend a broad spectrum SPF 50 or above.

2. Hydrate: There are all kinds of reasons to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, but here’s one more to add to the list. Your skin is your largest organ. It’s made up of cells that need water to survive. Without water, your skin will look dry and flaky, which can worsen the appearance of crepey skin.

3. Focus on Nutrition: You are what you eat, and as it turns out, your skin is also what you eat. When it comes to skin health, the two golden rules are 1) avoid sugar and 2) eat clean, whole foods. Sugar is one of the most damaging ingredients you can consume - causing everything from diabetes to cancer. And it’s seven times more addictive than cocaine! But it’s not just your longevity that pays the price. Sugar causes collagen to break down, leading to your skin becoming less elastic over time. Even worse, sugar cells bond with fat or protein molecules to make “advanced glycation end products (AGEs).” The aptly-named AGEs cause your skin to become dry and less elastic over time, causing your skin to age rapidly and appear to have a crepey texture. On the other hand, eating healthy, fresh, whole ingredients will help you avoid fillers and additives that can be toxic to the skin.

4. Take Supplements: After protecting your skin with sunscreen, you may want to consider taking supplements like antioxidants and an adrenal fatigue supplement. Antioxidants can help protect against harmful UV rays, as well as fight some of the signs of aging, like wrinkles and loss of elasticity. With daily use, they can also reduce the look of sunspots and calm inflammation. One powerful antioxidant is Coenzyme Q10 (aka CoQ10), a natural substance our bodies produce that fights the signs of aging, like the appearance of wrinkles and the loss of elasticity in the skin. In several studies, taking a CoQ10 supplement has been proven to reduce wrinkles and improve the smoothness and appearance of skin. Adrenal fatigue can also cause damage to your skin, resulting in a lack of moisture, excessive wrinkling/crepiness, and even breakouts.

5. Practice Self Care: Self-care is about more than bubble baths and face masks. It’s about getting adequate sleep, proper nutrition (see above), and taking steps to reduce stress (and cortisol levels). The skin is receptive to our state of mind and mental health. It’s why we can sometimes break out or get rashes when we’re under more stress than usual. When you take the time to properly care for your body and mind, your skin will reap the benefits.

6. Exercise: Not only is exercise part of a healthy, balanced life, but it also has the added benefit of helping your skin look firmer and younger. When your muscles are toned, the skin on your arms and legs looks tighter - reducing the appearance of crepey, saggy skin.

7. Prescription Retinoids: Retinoids can help with exfoliation, allowing your skin to shed old cells and regenerate newer, younger skin cells more often. Unfortunately, retinoids are also very drying, so without proper administration and doctor oversight, they can make the appearance of crepey skin worse.

8. Laser Treatments: A dermatologist can use lasers to encourage new collagen production. Since the breaking down of collagen is a primary cause of crepey skin, creating more of it can undo some of the damage and give your skin a firmer support structure. This method effectively smooths out wrinkles and crepiness from the inside out.

9. Microneedling: Microneedling is the process of creating very small holes in the top layer of the skin with a fine-needle roller. Microneedling causes a “controlled injury,” and the subsequent healing process stimulates collagen production. This may help reduce the appearance of crepey skin over time, though the process is often expensive and invasive.

10. Skincare Routine: If prescription retinoids, laser treatments, and microneedling are not for you, a better alternative is a skincare routine that has been proven to effectively reverse crepey skin. So how to choose the right cream? There are many products on the market that claim to treat crepey skin, but to deliver results they must treat both the texture and moisture of your skin. Find a 2-step system that first exfoliates and then hydrates and firms with safe, effective ingredients. Exfoliation removes dead skin, allowing younger skin cells to rise to the top. It also improves circulation, which may improve the appearance and health of your skin over time. Meanwhile, a good moisturizer infuses your skin with hydration, gradually increasing its elasticity while simultaneously making it firmer, more supple, and softer than before.

Opt for products with oils and butters and seek out organic products whenever possible. Specifically, choose body care products that contain anti-aging ingredients that target crepey skin, leaving it firm and toned.

If you have crepey skin on your neck, arms, decolletage, legs, hands, or stomach, you don’t have to live with it. You don’t have to give up on feeling alive and young and excited about the future. You can decide right now that you’re going to make a change.

Treating and even reversing crepey skin is easier than you think. It just takes a little time. After a few weeks with the right skincare system, you’ll begin to see firmer, healthier, younger-looking skin when you slip into those shorts in the morning.

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