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There are 3 easy steps to fix an aging neck. For best results, we must first understand why women’s necks age and what the 6 neck signs of aging are.

Confession of the week... I’m extremely self-conscious about my neck! 😓 I go out of my way to avoid it being seen from the wrong angle. For photos and selfies, I make sure the camera is taking the shot from above so there’s no display of a double chin. When I’m...

The neck and chest area are not only affected by general skin aging, but also caused by factors specific to this much neglected part of the body. To understand why your neck is aging so fast, we must first understand what causes general skin aging.

Today I thought I’d share with you an embarrassing moment in my life. It was actually a turning point which made me rethink everything I believed about skincare until that moment and take action for the years to come. About this time of year, two years ago, I was with...

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